TSP S8 Ep01: New Technology at CES 2022 Day 1

In this episode of the Talking Sound Podcast host Christopher Jordan visits CES 2022 to bring you some of the latest and greatest technology available on market for live audio, video, and studio applications. With last year’s CES convention happening due to the Covid-19 pandemic, CES came back live and virtually to Las Vegas for 2022 with vendors from across the industry attending and showing their newest digital platforms and equipment.

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Our first stop is the Aiseed booth. Aiseed introduces smart drones using edge AI computing. The pace of global drone development has increased over the last few years with smart drones being used more commonly for consumer markets, rescue operations, visual inspections, and logistics. Taiwan-based startup Aiseed has combined edge computing with self-developed artificial intelligence (AI) to develop advanced drone products with better features and higher speed. 

Our Second stop of the day is the booth of 3D Music, LLC. a company focused on creating optimized and affordable 3D printed instruments for the world. All instruments are rigorously tested before they are released to ensure quality and durability. With a sound more than parallel to their wooden counterparts, these amazing 3d printed instruments are sure to revolutionize the movement of affordable music making.

Next, we stop by to visit with AV Mapping Co. LTD. A company utilizing the power of AI to make images and music to videos to help automate the video making process! Musicians can join their unique community to have equal competition. Their proprietary objective algorithm can find suitable buyers and provide music and sound service directly. Imagine better opportunities for A/V work all around. That’s what AV Mapping Co LTD is all about!

Next, we stop by the booth of ChoisTechnology, a leader in the world of presentation pointing and control devices to discuss their amazing X-Pointer that is changing the face of professional on-stage presentations. A world’s first ImagePointer XPG300Y, is a product equipped with touch and space sensors in an aluminum and ergonomic streamlined body. As if using a mouse, you can completely control all functions of a PC as well as all functions of a PC with the ImagePointer. This is a unique product of ChoisTechnology that can capture the audience’s attention with your own custom image pointing during presentations. In addition, it is Korea’s representative presenter with a new concept that enables pointing anywhere by supporting the premium green laser pointer mode.

Finally, we stop by the booth of CES Innovation award winners, Versus Incorporated, makers of their incredible Hitchhiker’s Metaverse and FIGHTMAN music apps available on both the apple and android markets. These fully interactive apps provide a music creation experience like no other. With an ever-changing palette and a groove all their own, these apps are tons of fun for adults and kids alike and will assure hours of explorative musical entertainment!

Join the Talking Sound Podcast as we roam the expo floor of CES 2022 and explore the exciting new technology coming to the field of audio/video and more!

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