TSP S7 Ep12: Firing Clients as a Freelancer and Credibility that Converts with Alicia Maples

In this episode of the Talking Sound Podcast host Christopher Jordan welcomes returning guest and business consultant Alicia Maples, owner of Brilliant SMB, to discuss the radical concept of firing clients as a freelancer and her groundbreaking Credibility that Converts workshop that teaches this and other principles to help grow business. It may seem counter intuitive, but have you considered that the clients you have that are difficult, all too demanding or just don’t have it together may be causing you and your business harm by actively causing you to expend energy you could put toward other efforts? This may actively be the case!

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Who does Disney call when they want input on their world-renowned Leadership Excellence Program? Who does 4-time NBA World Champion Bruce Bowen of the San Antonio Spurs call when he wants business advice? Who does an international cloud hosting firm call to help their entire sales team hit goals right before a 2.1 billion dollar IPO? Who has been featured in Smart Business.com, San Antonio Women and USA Today? It’s Alicia Meneses Maples! Also known as The Profit Queen! She is the Founder of Brilliant SMB, a 14-year consultancy firm. Alicia has been selling since she was 9 years old, established a highly successful corporate career at Fortune 500s training and coaching leaders. But she left the rat race to follow her calling and passion: Helping SMB Founders build sustainable dreams, engage in their God-given purpose and make a difference in the world for good. Alicia Maples has been featured in: SmartBiz.com, San Antonio Biz Journal, San Antonio Woman and… her TEDx Talk that has gone around the world and back again.

Join the Talking Sound Podcast as we discuss the concept of credibility that converts and firing clients with the amazing Alicia Maples of Brilliant SMB!

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