TSP S7 Ep11: New Technology at the Texas Association of Broadcasters Trades Show 2021

In this episode of the Talking Sound Podcast host Christopher Jordan visits the Texas Association of Broadcasters trade show 2021 to bring you some of the latest and greatest technology available on market for live audio, video, and broadcast applications. With last year’s convention postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the TAB tradeshow came back in full force for 2021 with vendors from across the industry attending and showing their newest digital platforms and equipment.

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We begin our tour with Panasonic, and industry leader in cameras, video mixers and more showing their KAIROS system. KAIROS is more than a typical switcher as it achieves high performance by fully utilizing the power and flexibility of its CPU and GPU and frees you from the constraints of a traditional hardware-based system. KAIROS offers unrestricted flexibility of input, output, and operation for efficient production of live video that captivates audiences.

We then venture to the 2.50645097.15609147.1629297986-1735882610.1629155354">Roland booth and get a chance to see their latest video mixer, as well as the all new 2.50645097.15609147.1629297986-1735882610.1629155354">PD20-HD Video Instant Replay Player. The Roland P-20HD provides an easy, affordable way to create real-time or slow-motion instant replays for live sports productions without highly sophisticated computer systems. With seamless integration between most Roland A/V switchers and HDMI camcorders and cameras, the P-20HD transforms everyday sports productions into experiences that will keep fans on the edge of their seats.

Next up is RCS Sound Software and their Zetta automation software, a multi-user, multi-station platform for radio broadcast. Zetta takes a Modular approach to workflow. All functions have a launcher app looking after your broadcast services and will restart them if they stop unexpectedly. This means that the parts that play out audio are separate from the Sequencer, which is separate yet from the UI, which essentially is just a big remote control for the system and can be run on any workstation!

Our next stop takes us the Solid State Logic booth to discuss their latest release the System T for broadcast applications. With AoIP-based routing at its core, plus full immersive and next generation audio features, System T has been designed for the challenges of modern broadcast production. The System T broadcast platform brings together the latest digital technology with a legacy of 40 years of audio console design experience, as recognized by the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for excellence in Innovation.

Afterward we head over to Broadcast Electronics, a part of Elenos Group, to discuss their suite of equipment and applications for broadcast stations. Broadcast Electronics, together with the Elenos Group, designs and manufactures a complete line of radio broadcast products, including transmitters for TV, AM, FM and HD Radio and program automation systems. One of the largest broadcast equipment manufacturer in the United States, BE is a global company that has influenced every major radio milestone since 1959.

We then head across the aisle to the Grass Valley booth to discuss their latest solutions for live on location broadcasts with their all new GV Media Universe system. GV Media Universe expands the capability of existing equipment and operations by seamlessly connecting control surfaces from Grass Valley and authorized partners to cloud services. Preserve your fixed investment while elastically expanding to cloud as required. Creatives require no learning curve to transfer their experience as they work between on-prem and cloud in an integrated manner.

We then head over to the Teradek booth, an industry leader in the world of onsite wireless transmission of video in the field for broadcast, film, and more. We take some time to discuss their latest release, the indomitable Bolt 4k, a device capable of sending uncompressed 4k video an incredible 5ooo feet! Streamline and future-proof your camera setup with the BB3-powered Bolt 4K product family: a fully cross-compatible suite of products that deliver up to 4Kp60 video with optional wireless camera control.

Next up we stop by the Sennheiser booth to discuss the release of the new digital version of their venerable wireless microphones known as the Evolution Wireless Digital series. Evolution Wireless Digital breaks the boundaries by providing more dynamic range than any wireless system currently on the market. Automatically securing the most reliable signal in a matter of seconds and scalable up 90 channels thanks to 56 MHz of tuning bandwidth, it’s easy to see why this wireless system is in a class of its own.

Our final stop is the Castus booth to discuss their unique cloud-based solutions for live broadcast and simulcast. The Castus Video On Demand solution features a customizable interface, where you can upload your own banner, choose your personal color scheme, upload your station logo. Video On Demand also provides an analytics page, where you can check on the number of program views in a simple to read chart. Their Live Streaming offers an unlimited number of HLS feeds, allowing for faster, safer and more reliable streaming for a high volume of viewers.

Join the Talking Sound Podcast roam the floor of the Texas Association of Broadcasters trade show 2021 and explore the exciting new technology coming to the field of broadcast audio and video!

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