TSP S7 Ep09: Vocal Coaching and Voice Care with Matt Ramsey of Ramsey Voice Studio

In this episode of the Talking Sound Podcast host Christopher Jordan is joined by vocal coach and founder of Ramsey Voice Studio in Austin, Texas, Matt Ramsey. Matt is an Institute for Vocal Advancement certified voice teacher, songwriter, blogger and has been featured in CD Baby, The Guitar Journal, DiscMakers and The Music Entrepreneur. We sit down and discuss the importance of proper vocal care and basic techniques for improving vocal quality for singers and spoken word artists alike.

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In his years teaching singing lessons, Matt has helped develop singers in nearly every genre of music. From rock to pop, jazz to musical theater, Matt believes his training and world class vocal technique can help anyone achieve their goals. You can book your first in-person lesson for free here.

Join the Talking Sound Podcast as investigate the vast world of vocal coaching and the best ways to care for your voice with Matt Ramsey of Ramsey Voice Studio in Austin, TX.

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