TSP S6 Ep19: Longevity in Podcasting with Bobby Sharron

In this episode of the Talking Sound Podcast host Christopher Jordan sits down with Bobby Sharron, host of the popular CobraCast with Bobby Sharron podcast to discuss what it is like to talk with so many voices in the Austin, Texas music scene as well as what it takes to stick it out and rise above the rabble within the online game of podcasting.


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For many podcasting is a hobby, a possible project, at best something they hope to do…someday. But for people like Bobby Sharron podcasting is a way of life and something that can hardly be lived without! With shows that pop-up and go away, the realm of podcasting can be a mystery that seems insurmountable to some… yet others stay in the game seemingly for years, despite making no money, despite the numbers. They push forward and make it to the other side of the tunnel with a dedicated following and successful shows. What does it take to persist and make it through? Is it really a “numbers game” as so many say or is it just a matter of good content and dedication to a process?

Join the Talking Sound Podcast as we discuss the world of podcasting, podcast promotion and audience curation with Bobby Sharron, host of the CobraCast with Bobby Sharron.

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