Talking Sound S6 Ep17: Creating La Renovacion De Moi with Danny Gonzalez of Breth Band

In this episode of the Talking Sound podcast host Christopher Jordan welcomes  artist, musician and moving force behind the popular band Breth, Danny Gonzalez, to discuss a career in music 20 years in the making as well as the creation of the revolutionary new album La Renovacion De Moi.

Breth is the artistic outlet and work of love of veteran rock musician Danny Gonzales. After many close calls with “making it” in the music industry as the powerhouse drummer of Fail, Juniper Stupor, and then Grae, Danny decided it was time he opened up to the cosmos and led a band for once. But what did it really take to make the amazing art that was trapped inside break forth for the world to see?

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Join the Talking Sound podcast as we sit down with Danny to discuss a lifetime spent with music, navigating his way through the seas of self-promotion, production and what it takes to succeed in the music business.

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