Talking Sound S6 Ep15: Podcast Ignition System with Tiffany Youngren

In this episode of the Talking Sound Podcast host Christopher Jordan welcomes to the studio Tiffany Youngren owner and founder of the OMH Agency, a digital marketing firm specializing in helping podcasters grow audience market and monetize their shows while taking the ease of content production off of the podcaster by supplying them with their own virtual production team. We take a few minutes to discuss their Podcast Ignition System, a revolutionary new way to turn a single podcast episode into 101 pieces of customized content for dissemination across numerous social media platforms and the internet. A perfect way to take your business or personal podcast to untold new heights!

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Podcasting is not quite as easy as some may think. Yes, you can hit record and upload and hope and pray to be found in the rabble of shows across the void of the internet. Or you could spend tons of time and money trying to figure out how to produce and promote a show. But what if there was a middle ground? What if you could just focus on creating great content and have a team that edits your show, makes social media snippets and videos and transforms your one single episode into over one hundred pieces of content custom made for various platforms?

This is exactly what the all new Podcast Ignition System from the OMH Agency is built to do. From step one to done it is just as easy as that…record your episode, send it to your team and they are off to the digital races mak9ing custom branded content for your social campaigns and episode platform posts.

Join the Talking Sound Podcast as we discuss this exciting new way of branding your content with Tiffany Youngren, owner and founder of the OMH Agency and the Podcast Ignition System.

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