Talking Sound S6 Ep13: Popular Gear for Podcasting with Henry Rogers

In this episode of the Talking Sound Podcast host Christopher Jordan welcomes Henry Rogers, Guitar Center Pro account manager and engineer/producer of the popular show Rick Heysquierdo’s Lone Star Jukebox to the program to discuss some of the latest and popular gear for podcasting currently on the market as well as what may be coming on the horizon from your favorite manufacturers.

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Whether its microphones, mixers or recording equipment, we all know that Guitar Center is one of the go-to storefront dealers in any town or online. But the choice of what equipment to invest in can be daunting…even exhausting if you are not familiar with the technology. That is where people like Henry Rogers come in! With years of experience in the world of live audio engineering, broadcast equipment, equipment for large venues and more, Henry takes his time with each person that comes to him to understand their level of technological prowess. Whether you are beginner or an expert having someone like Henry on your side in the ever-changing world of digital media production technology.

Join the Talking Sound Podcast as we welcome Henry Rogers to discuss the latest technology available in the world of podcasting as well as what new tech may be coming down the road!

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