Talking Sound S6 Ep12: Recording Light a Candle Chase the Devil Away with Narrator Erin Miller

In this episode of the Talking Sound podcast host Christopher Jordan welcomes to the narrator, storyteller and voice over artist Erin Miller to the show to discuss recording narration for audio books as well as what it takes to get into the field and stay at it. We also discuss what it is like finding authors that fit your desired genre and his experience narrating the new audio book Light a Candle Chase the Devil Away by Chris Holmes, now available on Amazon’s Audible.

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When Erin Miller stepped foot into Emerson College to study story telling he had no idea that years later his life would lead him full circle to becoming an audio book narrator. How does a background in storytelling help not only audio book narrators, but those practicing the art of voice over work? What is the difference between narration, voice acting and commercial voice over work? Where can you go to start exploring the world of narrating audio books and what is the barrier of entry to field?

Join the Talking Sound podcast as we welcome narrator and storyteller Erin Miller to the show to discuss all this as well as his latest work experience narrating the new audio book Light a Candle Chase the Devil Away.

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SHOW NOTES: (click timestamp to skip audio file forward)

3:00 Erin discusses how he attended Emerson college for storytelling.


10:00 Chris and Erin discuss voice acting and narration.


15:00 Erin makes the point that collaboration and the importance of trade swapping within the industry.


20:00 too many balls can make you lose focus on the one you should be watching.


25:00 Erin gets into the finer points of finding your demographic as a narrator and voice over artist.


30:00 How do you go about finding work you want to narrate?


35:00 What the importance of a proper press kit to minimize the audio book audition process?


40:00 Erin makes the argument that “no one is willing to engage their imagination anymore…”.


45:00 Chris and Erin discuss the long tradition of storytelling in music and history of mankind.


50:00 I the issue attention span in modern society and lack of care to listen to others?


55:00 Chris and Erin dig into the topic of controlling your presence and online persona, controlling brand.


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