Talking Sound S6 Ep11: ASCAP, BMI and RIAA Compliance in Podcasting with Jayce Schweiger

In this episode of the Talking Sound Podcast host Christopher Jordan welcomes fellow podcaster, voice-over artist and audio/video producer Jayce Schweiger, host of the popular show The Shuffle to the show as we discuss the extreme and real importance of RIAA compliance in podcasting. How one simple RIAA compliance complaint lead to not only the muting of a single episode on a platform…but the restriction of ALL content produced by a show on all platforms?!

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In the world of the internet the algorithm reigns supreme. From simple web searches to matching content with what you are watching or listening to, even if you are using copywritten material, that is what algorithms do. That’s right, algorithms have gotten so accurate they can identify even a few seconds of a song that is registered by their creators with royalty services like ASCAP, BMI and more. Believe it or not long before any eyes will ever be set on a complaint of royalties of use from an artist an algorithm will have registered the complaint and locked your content down. It could at times take up to months to settle a dispute once one has started.

What if you woke up one morning after 160+ episodes to find big red screens that said 404 and all your content was GONE?! How would you proceed to dispute the claims that started this process? Would you be able to recover the shows on all platforms once the dispute is resolved? Why would hosting your content on your own URL then distributing it via RSS to all platforms of distribution help you in situations like this? How does someone who wants to use music in their shows obtain a license to do so? How platforms like help content creators avoid this issue?

Join the Talking Sound Podcast as we discuss RIAA compliance on the world of podcasting and the undervalued importance of owning your own URL and distributing all of your content from your own URL RSS feed with podcaster and producer Jayce Schweiger, host of the popular show The Shuffle.

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