Talking Sound S6 Ep10: Electronic Music and Choir Boy with YAA! Koala

In this episode of the Talking Sound podcast host Christopher Jordan welcomes electronic musician and live performer YAA! Koala to the show to discuss making electronic music in the studio and his new album “Choir Boy” and his process of creating his more than unique sound.

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Imagine being a musician with an album to finish and promotional dates in place. Then imagine travelling to Cape Town, South Africa for vacation only to be left stranded in a foreign land. Trapped in a shutdown city due to Covid-19 with an album to finish, release and promote all while being quarantined due to a global pandemic! That is exactly what happened to the artist YAA! Koala this year.

Join the Talking Sound podcast as we discuss the world of creating electronic music. The discipline of crafting songs that make the club audiences move. As well as the challenges of producing and releasing and album in the age of Covid-19 with electronic music artist YAA! Koala.­­

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