Talking Sound S6 Ep09: From Rock n Roll to Project Management with Chris Sudall

In this episode of the Talking Sound Podcast host Christopher Jordan welcomes audio engineer turned touring project manager Chris Sudall to the program to discuss the demanding world of live event project management. With a life built on rock and roll, theater to high end corporate events, how did a path beginning with simple electronics tinkering become a career in production spanning decades and the globe?


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When does someone first realize that they may have a calling toward production? What is the path to follow to find you way into the industry and once there what does it take to maintain yourself in it? Is it more important to have complete book knowledge of how to handle a situation in the live environment or enough knowledge to be dangerous and a go get ‘em attitude of grit and determination?

Join the Talking Sound podcast as we discuss these questions and more in this episode with touring production manager Chris Sudall.

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