Talking Sound S6 Ep07: Monitor Engineering and Surviving the Hotseat with Michael Babcock

In this episode of the Talking Sound podcast host Christopher Jordan welcomes to the program Michael Babcock, touring monitor engineer and author of the book Surviving the Hotseat: The Guide to Mixing Monitors for Touring Bands to discuss a career spent on the road working with some of the best musicians and what it takes to be a world class live monitor engineer, because it’s much more than just ears and gear folks!

Starting from the bottom, helping friends move gear to get a discount…that’s how Michael Babcock began a lifelong journey that would end with him mixing monitors on some of the biggest acts, largest stages and tours around. What was it that propelled him forward? How did Michael go from a simple modest guy helping move some gear to one of the most sought-after engineers in the industry today? Was it all just a vast knowledge of equipment and how it works, was it a good pair of ears or was there something else that was his secret weapon?

Join the Talking Sound as we discuss the world of monitor engineering with Michael Babcock and delve into the importance of understanding how to communicate with artists and understanding of the subtleties of the psychology and body language it takes to be truly successful in this highly specialized field.

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