Talking Sound S6 Ep05: CES 2020 Coverage part 1

In this episode of the Talking Sound Podcast host Christopher Jordan is in the field at CES 2020 with the Tech Podcast Network walking the booths and checking out some of the latest and greatest technology just released and to be hitting shelves to be hitting shelves and distributors soon!


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Our first stop is the Aeronext booth to chat with Natsuko Ito, Global CMO of Aeronext Inc.  Aeronext’s “Flying Gondola” concept aims to accelerate the acceptance by society of air mobility by accelerating the economicization of new airspace through providing an unprecedented comfortable flight experience that combines both safety and comfort. The Flying Gondola represents a completely new concept in air mobility and is different from the conventional concept of air mobility that mainly focused on the convenience of movement only. The Flying Gondola concept is automatic navigation without the need for pilots, minimizing swaying all the times, making it easy to get on and off. It is like a futuristic ferris wheel gondola that flies in the sky freely.

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Chris takes some time to stop by the Nexoptic booth to talk with Kevin Gordon, VP of AI Technologies about their exciting win at CES 2019 and the exciting technology behind the all new DoubleTake digital binoculars. NexOptic is an innovative optical development company, which aims to enhance the way we view the world around us. DoubleTake is NexOptic’s multi-award winning, reimagined binoculars designed to disrupt the growing outdoor recreation market. DoubleTake utilizes NexOptic’s high magnification lenses for a state-of-the-art digital experience. NexOptic is also working to commercialize its ground-breaking artificial intelligence (“AI”) for imaging as well as exploring opportunities for its innovative mobile lens designs. 

The Company’s developing suite of optical technologies now includes AI. NexOptic can increase aperture sizes within given depth constraints of various imaging applications to improve diffraction-limits and resolution. Besides enhancing image quality, NexOptic’s AI drastically reduces image noise and motion blur common in poor lighting environments. More information is available at

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Our next stop is the ORBI Prime booth where we talk with Adil Suranchin, COO for ORBI Prime, an amazing new technology for recording and rendering 360 degree footage in various environments in real time! Are you a sports enthusiast? Do you love adventurous activities? ORBI Prime wants to record every moment with you. No matter how extreme your sport or activity is, ORBI Prime is there to capture and help you record the intense action! Stop on by their website and check out more about this great technology.

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Chris Steps across the tradeshow floor of CES 2020 to visit the LOOP Earplugs booth and chat with founder, Maarten Bodewes about the incredible technology and design behind LOOP Earplugs. According to the World Health Organization, one out of three young adults risk hearing damage due to loud music at concerts, events and clubs. Despite frequent awareness campaigns, only 15% wear earplugs. Loop takes on tinnitus by making earplugs amazing. Loop is designed to reduce volume by 20dB without sacrificing sound clarity. You’ll hear sound as it was intended, just less loud – while making sure you look great. 1.1 billion people risk hearing damage. Our goal? Making sure you’re not one of them. Loop protects your hearing in style. Making ringing ears a thing of the past.  Stop on by their website and order your pair of these incredible LOOP Earplugs today!

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Chris takes some time to step over to the Thinker Tinker booth and talk with Jourdan Johnson, product specialist, about Octobo the amazing new educational kids toy that incorporates an amazing array of technology. Octobo’s storykits are a unique combination of storybooks, interactive tokens, and a digital app. These storykits allow children to go on challenges and adventures with Octobo. Stop on by and check out Octobo and his storykits!

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