Talking Sound S6 Ep03: The Power of Music with Kenny Aronoff

In this episode of the Talking Sound podcast host Christopher Jordan welcomes world-class drummer, public speaker and author Kenny Aronoff to the program for a candid discussion on the power of music as well as public speaking and how they have changed his personal development in life.


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From a young age Kenny Aronoff was entranced by music. One night his mother called him in to watch a group of musicians on a television program. That program was The Ed Sullivan Show and the band was of course The Beatles. Kenny was hooked. From that day forward he was all about music. Making his way through audition after audition young Kenny finally made his way into the prestigious Aspen School of Music and Indiana University, finalizing his quest that had begun half a lifetime ago.

Since then Kenny has found himself playing with such legendary acts as John Cougar Mellencamp, John Fogerty, Joe Satriani, the supergroup Chickenfoot, and even Jerry Lee Lewis, just to name a few. And with his Uncommon Studios in, LA Kenny has worked with volumes more, growing not only his name, but his acclaim as one of the most sought-after drummers for studio and live work in the Industry.

Join the Talking Sound podcast for an intimate discussion with Kenny Aronoff as we discuss his life of drumming and studio work as well as his foray into the world of public speaking, being an author and how sharing story and unique perspective has changed his life.

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SHOW NOTES: (click time code to jump to segment)

00:00 Chris plays the show intro and welcomes to the Talking Sound podcast Kenny Aronoff world famous drummer, public speaker and author.

2:30 Chris and Kenny discuss a youth surrounded by music and the formation of his first band The Alley Cats.

8:00 Kenny shares his experience with auditions to get into Aspen School of Music and Indiana University.

13:00 Kenny tells a story about how he got fired during his first album recording and how his decision to just not leave changed his life.

19:00 Kenny discusses how a decision to write a simple drum part in the song Jack and Diane led to a four-part method of problem solving that he has used ever since.

23:00 Chris and Kenny discuss the vast number of styles and barriers Kenny has had to cross to stay as a working drummer in the industry.

30:00 Kenny explains how public speaking has changed his approach to his personal development.

38:00 Kenny describes the moment of his life when he got to play the 50th anniversary of the Beatles performance on The Ed Sullivan Show and what it meant for him to  perform songs by his heroes Ringo Starr and Sir Paul McCartney in front of them and what having a full circle moment in life is like.

43:00 Kenny Shares his experience working with the legendary Jerry Lee Lewis.

47:00 Chris and Kenny discuss the changing face of Rock n Roll recording and the loss of the use of the large and legendary recording spaces across the country.

51:00 Kenny explains the power of music and having it around you, Chris thanks Kenny for appearing on the show and friends at Cujo LTD for their help in securing his guest spot.

Special thanks to Cujo, LTD for providing Kenny Aronoff’s guest appearance.

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