Talking Sound S6 Ep02: Valuing Your Services as a Freelancer with Alicia Maples of Brilliant SMB

In this episode of the Talking Sound podcast host Christopher Jordan welcomes business coach, consultant, owner of Brilliant SMB and the Brilliant Sales Secrets Facebook group, Alicia Maples to the program to discuss the topic of valuing your services as a freelancer and how to get last the fears faced by most when it comes to selling yourself and your professional services to clients.


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I know it seems strange, but all too often we freelance engineers undervalue our services and charge far too little for our time and talent. “But if we charge less money for services, we will get more work right?!” Not necessarily so, while you may land that one-time gig today, you may be damaging your hold on the future of your place in an industry.

Join Talking Sound and Alicia Maples, owner of Brilliant SMB as we discuss some everyday business advice and methods you can use when selling your services to clients, and how to lose the fear of charging the rates you truly deserve for the services you provide.

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SHOW NOTES: (click time code to jump to segment)

00:00 Show opens and Chris introduces the guest and topic for the episode, Alicia Maples of Brilliant SMB to discuss valuing and pricing your services.

4:00 Alicia explains what how she came to her chosen field of business consultation and what her business Brilliant SMB is all about.

13:00 Alicia begins to explain the process of charging your clients based on the value you bring to the table.

16:00 Alicia explains the power of the word no and knowing when certain clients are just not a fit for you and your business.

24:00 Alicia breaks down four simple points of closing the deal when handling new clients.

34:00 Chris and Alicia explain the importance of understanding that you are bringing expertise to the table of negotiation and you should treat yourself that way.

38:00 Alicia explains the most important question you should ask a client and why you should ask this question before anything else in your first client meeting.

48:00 Alicia discusses the need to shift your mindset and client handling techniques and how learning to be a fluid active listener will help you land the sale every time.

52:00 Alicia shares her personal story of how she learned to get off the concept of using scripted techniques when dealing with clients and learned to keep it real and human.

1:03 Alicia explains how to learn to step into the fear when it comes to selling your services, Chris thanks Alicia and wraps up the episode.

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