Talking Sound S5 Ep3: Why is the Best Platform for Content Creators from SXSW with Richard Adams

In this episode of the Talking Sound Podcast host Christopher Jordan discusses why is the best platform for content creators from SXSW with Richard Adams, founder and head of

In this day and age of digital media content creation abounds. But what is to be done about monetization of the content you create? With Youtube demonetizing content channels and most distribution platforms not monetizing until views are into the tens of thousands how is the average creator supposed to make money? That’s where comes into play!

With monetization beginning with your first view, is the first platform to assure that trickles of income begin immediately. Easy to start and even easier to upload and schedule content release makes this one of the best platforms out there. I know what you going to say…”What about my band? We play cover music. Can I post our live content?” The answer is a simple YES! with a forward looking concept has take musicians and podcasters to heart by making preemptive agreements with music licensing services, such as ASCAP, BMI and more, assuring the fact that if you upload a version of a song you play, the original artist gets their royalties out of the profit you make.  Add to this the upcoming merchandise stores for members as well as the launch of the sister platform and you now have a way to get you content out to twice as many people with one simple upload.

Join the Talking Sound podcast as we delve into the creation, vision and future looking concept of the amazing new distribution and monetization platform that is Breach.TV with it’s founder Richard Adams.

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