Talking Sound S5 Ep17: The World of Horror with Joe Castro, Director and Special Effects Supervisor

In this episode of the Talking Sound Podcast host Christopher Jordan welcomes Joe Castro, director and special effects supervisor to the program to discuss the world of horror and what it takes to make the gruesome scenes we see in our favorite movies and more.

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After winning a special effects makeup contest as a teenager, Joe Castro left San Antonio, TX with his sights set on Hollywood and never looked back. Now after a lifetime of fake blood, spirit gum and latex flesh, Joe has become one of the preeminent directors of modern horror and one of the most sought after special effects directors and engineers in the business. With acclaims to his credit, such as the holding the official Guinness World Record for “highest body count in a slasher film” with his 2012 masterpiece Summer of Massacre, Joe has set a new standard in both what is looked for by directors and viewers alike in the world of gore and horror. With the recent wrap of his latest work Xenophobia, Joe takes the genre of horror into all new terrifying realms with incredible special effects and gore galore!

Join the Talking Sound podcast as we discuss the amazing world of special effects make up and making horror films with director and special effects supervisor Joe Castro.

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