Talking Sound S5 Ep16: Engineering Pearl Jam Ten with David Hillis of

In this exciting episode of the Talking Sound podcast host Christopher Jordan welcomes audio engineer and producer, David Hillis of to the program to discuss a life spent behind the audio console and engineering the groundbreaking album Pearl Jam Ten!

What was it like to be in Seattle, Washington during the musical boom that was the “Grunge Scene”? Well according to David Hillis, it can be described in one word…AWESOME! From playing in bands with soon to be famous musicians to sitting in the studio recording the seminal tracks that helped make Grunge music, David’s life in the 90s was replete with adventure in audio engineering. With tools like the best analog audio equipment and even the birthing realm of digital audio at his fingertips, David had the opportunity to learn from the best and absorb everything that has made him the engineer he is today.

With a foot in the past and an eye on the future David has taken his studio at to the next level, providing some of the best engineering around. Now David has stepped even further into the future by taking his storied musical history and engineering techniques to the stage as he helps guide and teach the next generation of audio engineers by speaking internationally on panels and being a keynote speaker at the recording summit provided by Welcome to 1979 studio in Nashville, Tennessee.

Join the Talking Sound podcast as we discuss the engineering and recording process behind Pearl Jam Ten as well as the changing world of digital audio technology with audio engineer and producer David Hillis.

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