Talking Sound S5 Ep15: Apophenia and Being a Self-Promoted Artist with Clint Roth of Big Jaw

In this episode of the Talking Sound Podcast host Christopher Jordan welcomes fellow engineer and musician Clint Roth, front man of the band Big Jaw to the studio to discuss the creation of his latest work Apophenia as well as the world faced by a self-promoted artist.

How does a musician go about fulfilling their vision in the studio? From properly scheduling time to making the most out of every moment, how did Clint go from fully self-producing his music to working with an associate producer for the first time? How did Clint find his way to writing music for commercials? What has the latest endeavor by Big Jaw, the process of creating Apophenia, its release, promotion and show booking taught Clint about the world of music promotion? What can we do to better ourselves as self-promoters and ambassadors of our own art?

Join the Talking Sound podcast as we delve into these topics and more behind the creation of Apophenia with Clint Roth of Big Jaw!

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