Talking Sound S5 Ep14: From Educator to Film Maker with Bill Foster of Showdown on the Brazos

In this episode of the Talking Sound podcast host Christopher Jordan is joined by former Texas public school teacher and school administrator turned film maker Bill Foster to discuss a life driven via passion as well as the writing and directing of the period western Showdown On The Brazos.

What man who has spent almost 30 years of life as a public school teacher and administrator begins writing western movies and plays? Our guest Bill Foster, that’s who! With an eye on the future and a foot in the past Bill loves the genre of the classic western, so why not make that his first project right? Why not write, produce and direct and period western piece for your first film project?

Join the Talking Sound podcast as we delve deep into the challenges of not only writing and directing a movie of this scope and ambition, but also the learning curve involved with stepping into the world of film with writer and director Bill Foster.

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