Talking Sound S5 Ep10: Gaming Google Algorithms with Scott Ertz of PLuGHiTz Live

In this episode of the Talking Sound podcast host Christopher Jordan breaks down the truth behind Google Algorithms and how to “game” the system with Scott Ertz of PLuGHiTz Live and Co-Founder of Sumo Software Corporation.

Exactly what makes a successful website? Whether you are a Fortune 500 company, start-up local brand, band or even a podcast, it is hard to survive in the modern age without a presence on the internet with a website. How do you and your brand even make it into a general search with all of the content released on a daily basis? Don’t you have to spend tons of money with Google, Bing and other search engines and private SEO services? What if you were told there was a way to organically work your way into a search engine queue? Well today is that day folks!

Join the Talking Sound podcast as we welcome software engineer, web guru and host of the F5 Live: Refreshing Technology podcast on PLugHitzLive to discuss how anyone, with well-crafted content creation and the proper website integrations can rise to the top of any search engine and stay there without spending money.

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