Talking Sound S5 Ep09: Finding an Agent and Handling Auditions with Actor JF Davis

In this episode of the Talking Sound Podcast host Christopher Jordan is joined by Jeff “JF” Davis to discuss the intricacies of finding an Agent and how to handle auditions from the point of view of a veteran actor of stage and screen.

From a young age Jeff caught the acting bug and became passionate about following the path of being an actor. When he turned 28 he dropped everything and moved to Los Angeles, California. As so many before him he had no path to follow, no one to lead his way…how did Jeff go from new arrival to being sought after for lead and recurring roles in film and Television? What should an aspiring actor be looking for in an agent? How do you handle and prepare for that big audition once you finally land it? What does it really take to make in the world of acting?

All this and more as we welcome actor Jeff “JF” Davis to the program to discuss the everyday life of an actor, finding an agent and handling auditions right here on the Talking Sound Podcast.

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