Talking Sound S5 Ep07: MOM by 12 Year Old Writer and Director Austin Foxx

In this episode of the Talking Sound podcast host Christopher Jordan is has a candid conversation about the inspiration for and production the short film MOM by 12 year old writer and director Austin Foxx.

While a writer and director, Austin Foxx is no stranger to being on the stage and screen. With a resume that would rival many adults in his field, Austin is resolved to continue his work well into adulthood and make a full-time career of acting and directing.

Join the Talking Sound podcast as we sit down with this young artist to discuss how he came to the craft of acting and directing. What he has learned from acting on stage and screen that translates to daily life. As well as the incredible and inspiring story behind the creation and production behind MOM the first film from writer/director Austin Foxx.

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