Talking Sound S5 Ep06: The Making of Magus Elgar with Sound Designer Kennedy Phillips

In this episode of the Talking Sound podcast host Christopher Jordan welcomes sound designer Kennedy Phillips to the show to discuss the creation of the amazing fantasy/comedy audio drama Magus Elgar.

For years before the age of television the audio drama reigned supreme. From cops and robbers to cowboys and science fiction, the radio and a good script could take you anywhere your imagination could fathom. Fast forward to the age of the internet. Now in a world on the go, with a screen in every pocket, people more than ever are more than ever turning to audio dramas to fulfill their story telling needs…that’s where Magus Elgar comes in!

With one foot in fantasy and the other square in your face, Magus Elgar is an irreverent comedy that follows the adventures and antics of Elgar and his band through a fantastical world of magic, dragons and more.

Join the Talking Sound podcast as we sit down with sound designer and creator of Magus Elgar, Kennedy Phillips to discuss not only the inspiration behind the characters and stories, but the technology and electronic wizardry behind the show Magus Elgar!

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