Talking Sound S5 Ep05: Creation of the Album Kill Sill with CHHK Artist Silvano “Sill” Thomas

In this episode of the Talking Sound podcast host Christophe Jordan discusses the creation of the album Kill Sill with CHHK artist Silvano “Sill” Thomas.

Silvano Thomas Monjaras, who performs as Sill, was born in Houston, Texas. After writing several raw verses in adolescence, Sill began to pen full songs about his rough upbringing and perspective on life. He then began recording songs and EP, crafting an intricate and original style filled with imagery, lucidity as well as an effortless command of lyric.

What is it that inspires new and upcoming artists? How do young artists such as Sill learn to rise above the fray in order to be seen? What do labels like the Austin based College of Hip Hop Knowledge (CHHK) offer artists? How has the process of creating an album changed Sill as an artist?

Join the Talking Sound podcast as we explore these questions and more with CHHK artist Silvano “Sill” Thomas.

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