Talking Sound S5 Ep01: Finding the Cypher in Life with the College of Hip Hop Knowledge, LLC

In this episode of the Talking Sound Podcast host Christopher Jordan is joined by Jason (Jsun the Prophesor) Anderson-Ebener, President and Michael (Big Mic) Pereida, Vice President of the College of Hip Hop Knowledge in Austin, TX to discuss their new fresh off the ground recording space as well as how life and business are just like finding the Cypher when you are on stage.

It is not every day that two characters from the world of Hip Hop step out on their own to start a new label. Much less start a label to help their fellow artists.

From pay to play concert venues, shady bar owners and promoters it is hard to find light in the vast darkness that is the music industry. That’s where the College of Hip Hop Knowledge comes in!

With minds set on art, eyes set on business and ears firmly to the ground, the College of Hip Hop knowledge makes it their mission to not only help break new and aspiring artists, but to help them wade their way through the warfare of the stage and personal perils of the Hip Hop scene.

From finding artists, to promoting shows, recording albums to marketing a sound and image, the College of Hip Hop Knowledge has run the gamut of incarnation in its life. When did Jason and Michael decide to depart the world of the stage for a life of business endeavor and being mentors? What are some of the steps that an artist needs to be ready to make BEFORE they hit the stage? Is every performance on stage like a sales pitch? How is the delicate art of business just like finding a cypher on stage? Does the decision to make yourself a business change your personal motivations? Is it okay to make music just for fun or should everything always be about business?

Join us as we sit down for an informative and passionate interview with Jason Anderson-Ebener and Michael Pereida, founders of the College of Hip Hop Knowledge to discuss finding your cypher in life and other important questions in this episode of the Talking Sound podcast

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