Talking Sound S4 Ep7: Discovering Hip-Hop and Changing Lives with Reyne “Mugzy” Brady

In this episode of the Talking Sound Podcast host Christopher Jordan is joined via Skype by special guest, youth worker, A/V technician and Hip-Hop artist Reyne Brady, a.k.a. “Mugzy”, in Sydney, Australia to discuss how he found the world of hip-hop and how that discovery has changed his life. How does Mugzy define his creation process? What goes into not just the creation of a lyric rhyme, but the crafting of a narrative within a song? How did a life writing and performing hip-hop bring Mugzy to working with children to help spread a message of hope? How did American hip-hop translate to an Australian audience and how has it influenced music, society and social memes on the other side of the World? All these questions and more in this episode of the Talking Sound Podcast with special guest, Australian Hip-hop sensation Mugzy! Download the official app for the HC Universal Network family of podcasts available for Android and coming soon for iDevices to get all the great stuff from Talking Sound and More!

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