Talking Sound S4 Ep6: Making Music Videos and Bad Spirit Animals with Marcos Morales of Dirty City Studios

In this episode of the Talking Sound Podcast host Christopher Jordan is joined by musician, video editor and owner of Dirty City Studios, Marcos Morales to discuss making music videos as well as the amazingly funny animated series Bad Spirit Animals that he is involved with. What was it that led Marcos from the world of music into video production? What are some of the common pitfalls he sees with musicians stepping into the video studio for the first time? How long does it take to produce a proper and palatable music video? Are there any tips that Marcos can give first time video shooters? What is the world of animation like? From CGI and on screen broadcast graphics to animated shorts like Bad Spirit Animals by Novel Concept TV what does it take to produce a good and popular animated series? These questions and more in this in depth episode of the Talking Sound Podcast with special guest Marcos Morales of Dirt City Studios. Download the official app for the HC Universal Network family of podcasts available for Android and coming soon for iDevices to get all the great stuff from Talking Sound and More!

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