Talking Sound S4 Ep5 from Simple DJing and Cruise Ship A/V to Broadcast TV with Thomas Macnab

In this episode of the Talking Sound Podcast host Christopher Jordan is joined by lifelong friend and fellow A/V engineer Thomas Macnab to discuss what it is to completely change course in life and go from average day job to an eventual career as an Audio/Video Technician. Thomas began as a DJ in clubs around the Houston area playing for dancers and club goers between acts when he found his true love of the A/V industry. From there he found his way into the world of network television as a production assistant on the hit show Hell’s Kitchen then falling onto tour as a road technician with the TV show American Ninja Warriortraveling the United States, followed by a stint on cruise ships traveling the world providing A/V services on the High Seas. After settling back into life on land Thomas finds himself faced with an interview for a position as a lighting technician on the Fox News technical crew in New York City. What was it that made him decide to follow his passions? What are some of the pitfalls he has faced along the way? What is some of the advice he gives to up and coming technicians in the field? These questions and more explored in this in depth and personal episode of the Talking Sound Podcast. Want to join the conversation or hear more episode? Download the official app for the HC Universal Network family of podcasts available for Android and coming soon for iDevices to get all the great stuff from Talking Sound and More!

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