Talking Sound S4 Ep4 Entrepreneurship, Comedy and Making the Movie Eleven Eleven with Chris Redish

In this episode of the Talking Sound Podcast host Christopher Jordan sits down with entrepreneur, comedian, writer and director Chris Redish to discuss how he began his business in the field of audio translation as well as the making of his recently released movie Eleven Eleven. What made Chris decide to move from the humdrum daily grind of a regular job to the world of insanity that is self-employment? What did it take for him to begin his business called A Bridge Between Nations, a company that provides live onsite audio language translations services across the US and the Globe? What was it that first drew Chris to the world of Comedy? Why did he specifically choose to make a sci-fi comedy movie? What was his process not only of creating and writing the story, but bringing it to life on film? How did Chris feel when his debut as a writer/director earned him and his film the accolades of Best Comedic Feature, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Actress at the recent Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival? These questions and more answered in this edition of the Talking Sound podcast with special guest, writer/director Chris Redish.

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