s3 ep6: The Making of E-Jinn Vol 1 Exaltation with Ian Robbins

In this episode of the Talking Sound Podcast host Christopher Jordan sits down for an intimate conversation with long-time friend Ian Robbins a.k.a. E-Jinn to discuss his newly released album E-Jinn Vol 1 Exaltation, the album that was ten years in the making. What brought Ian from the realm of full bands to the world of the solo-artist? Where does Ian’s inspiration for music come from? What was the beginning of the artist now known the World as E-Jinn? How did the album E-Jinn Vol 1 Exaltation come to be? How did the album come from concept to reality and what does the future hold for E-Jinn and the follow-up albums son to be? These questions and more explored and answered in this in-depth episode of the Talking Sound podcast.

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