JACKSOUND: A Rupert Neve Designs 5088 in Martinique

An interview with DJ JACKSON of JACKSOUND STUDIO – Martinique’s first studio with a 5088 console.

Can you please tell us a bit about your studio?

Being a DJ, I used to remix songs. So I was going to different studios in order to have a better sound, until I decided to have my own studio. I started with a home studio in my bedroom in 2002. Then, because I wanted a recording room, I rented a 20-foot container in which I installed an AVID setup. I didn’t like the sound quality, so in 2008 I bought an SSL Matrix, and then I started to order good hardware.

I took some sound engineering classes in 2009, and my instructor, Mr. Pierre BIANCHI, explained me that in order to have a better sound, it will be better for me to have my own real studio. So in 2012, I built my own.


Are there types of music you specialize in?

I do all kind of music: Caribbean – zouk, soca, reggae, dancehall – as well as rap, R&B, and much more. Also some sound design.

There can’t be many studios on Martinique…are there?

No – being on a small island, there are different home studios but there are only two REAL studios…and only mine has such a quality of sound and equipment like I have! Most of my equipment is analog – especially now that I have my Rupert Neve Designs. [smiles]

How did you hear about Rupert Neve Designs? Why choose the 5088?

Being in NAMM in L.A. in January 2015, I asked for a particular sound – fat, big and thick. Fred Perrin [of WoodBrass in France] advised me of some different brands, and I chose your equipment – which I know is not common in French territories. Now, the sound is perfect! This is what I was looking for.


What other equipment do you have in the studio? And which artists have been in lately?

For equipment, I also have Manley, DW Fearn, TC Electronic, Bricasti, Prism Sound, and much more.
For artists…lately I had Jacob Desvarieux (Kassav’), Ronald Rubinel (Section Zouk), Konshens from Jamaica and others.

What are your plans for the future of the studio?

Add more equipment to my studio – and put more modules in my 5088. I would like to increase the level of my studio. I want my studio to be known in the Caribbean and in the entire world. My goal is to receive all kind of artists who travel through the Caribbean. I have different kinds of personal musical projects that I would like to embody as soon as possible. Marketing my studio is also a way to promote my island Martinique as well as my culture and many talented local artists!


The 5088 Console


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