How to expand your virtual hybrid classroom audience with interactive streamingCatalina IorgaBarco Newsroom

1. Expand your audience. Reunite a larger audience than ever before, not limited to the wall of participants and scale your teaching and training programs.

2. Branch out into other areas and initiatives for broader and/or different audiences that will bring new business opportunities to your organization. With interactive streaming, you can now host webinars, townhall meetings, external and internal events.

3. Keep high levels of interaction. Viewers can answer polls which creates a dynamic and engaging environment, and they can use the chat to actively participate in discussions and provide valuable input.

4. Flexible and seamless switching from viewer to participant and back. Viewers can be moved by the instructor or moderator to the wall of participants when there are available seats and vice versa to experience all features of weConnect.

5. Unified platform, intuitive experience. There is no need for third-party tools or external applications so the logistics will remain largely similar to your normal virtual hybrid classroom way of working.

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