First Episode of Talking Sound Available Nov 7!

There has been much anticipation in the ranks as of late…Apparently people had already found us on Facebook so that launch took no time.  But the work in the studio for preparation has been in the order of days, after running and testing cables to installing screens and building racks and making graphics we are finally to the point of test records and the final pangs of birth of what will be the Talking Sound Podcast.  We already have quite the buzz locally and are proud to announce that our first episode will be available here on the website Friday November 7th. It is sure to be a great and informative show and we will soon have guests, instructional videos and even have episodes where we can have live tweet question and answer…oh yeah, follow us on Twitter! Well back to the studio and preparations…in the meantime support our friendly musicians and enjoy some of the music in our media player.  Stay tuned for more information and updates!

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