Cybersecurity trends for control rooms and critical infrastructureBarco Newsroom

AI is ever-present in today’s trend lists. This article is not an exception. Using AI, attackers can write code a lot faster than normal, resulting in an increase in threats. However, the same goes for the defensive side: AI can help scan the network, search for typical patterns that point to a cyber-attack, and even respond to this attack in real time. This means that the constant race between hackers and cybersecurity personnel to outsmart each other is entering a new level.

But AI not only plays a role in programming! Also, phishing mails can be created to look and feel more trustworthy by using AI. Where in the past you could often spot phishing mails easily by their shaky layout and bad writing, this will become a lot less obvious. This is a trend that will fully emerge in 2024, so be aware of that!

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