ClickShare summer release: video bar and app enhancements, service and registration flows and much moreCatalina IorgaBarco Newsroom

In February, Barco and ClickShare entered a formal agreement that enables more ease of management for IT managers and better meeting experiences for the end users through its Microsoft integration. 

Through this agreement, ClickShare devices enable usage data through Microsoft’s Teams Rooms Pro Management Portal. And with this new release, we are expanding these capacities to the ClickShare Button.  

The ClickShare Button now enables Microsoft Teams to collect usage data in Clickshare-powered rooms and organize this data per room in the Teams Rooms Pro Management Portal. 

Up to this release, ClickShare Buttons would display in the Portal as one single device, regardless of their number. 

Now, each ClickShare Button will be identified in a unique way, be linked to the meeting room it is placed in and be displayed separately in the Pro Portal.  

This will offer IT managers richer insights into room and device utilization, occupancy levels, device inventory, and more.  

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