ClickShare Conference is granted patent by the European Patent Office for its unique functionalitiesCatalina IorgaBarco Newsroom

Next to this major patent for ClickShare Conferencing in Europe, we were recently granted a few other exciting portfolio wins:   

A core patent related to ClickShare Conference in India.  Two patents added to the US patent family, covering ClickShare Conference and including application-based conferencing.  A long-awaited audio patent that overcame external challenges, granted by the European Patent Office last month.  A set of technological patents acquired from Steelcase that complement ClickShare’s portfolio. 

Besides a growing portfolio of patented inventions and to acquiring relevant patents from vendors like Steelcase, we closely monitor for infringements to protect the ClickShare premium experience for our users around the world. 

“With 15 newly granted patents in the last 18 months, Barco has again strengthened its Intellectual Property portfolio. Barco will seek EU unitary effect for the recently granted key patent, making it enforceable at once in most EU member states, including France, Germany and Italy,” said Kurt Verheggen, General Counsel at Barco. “On a global level, the company will keep on closely monitoring infringements. Barco will enforce patent rights against companies copying ClickShare’s unique features whenever necessary, like we did for a recent case in the US.” 

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