Barco Launches Global “Laser by Barco” Campaign: Educating Audiences, Enhancing ExperiencesBarco Newsroom

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The magic of the movies is set to reach unprecedented heights, making every showing a momentous event that moviegoers won’t soon forget. As cinemas around the world showcase films with unparalleled definition and dynamism, “Laser by Barco” is your ticket to the future of film.

Ready to be a part of this cinematic revolution?

Barco is trusted by more than 200 exhibitors with more than 100,000 projectors deployed worldwide, including over 35,000 laser solutions. Contact us to learn more about our solutions and why the world’s top exhibitors place their trust in Barco’s laser projection.

If you already have a Barco laser solution, contact your Barco representative to explore how our marketing tools can transform movie presentations in your theater and bring the laser-powered spectacle to eager audiences worldwide.

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