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Avid at IBC2023

This week at the IBC2023 conference, Avid(R) (Nasdaq: AVID) will debut a range of new software products and solutions that empower video and audio media creators in television, film and news with enhanced collaboration and open, integrated workflows.

“At IBC2023, the industry will see how Avid is continuing to drive innovation that enables our customers to stay ahead of the accelerating demand for content and positively transform the way they produce premium content for news, sports, dramas, and films,” said Tim Claman, SVP & General Manager, Video & Media Solutions, Avid.

Powering creativity through AI

For more than a decade, Avid has delivered innovative adaptations of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies that accelerate creativity and enhance efficiency. IBC2023 demonstrations will show how the company’s technology roadmap is accelerating new applications of AI that unleash creative intelligence with a human-in-the-loop approach. Demonstrations will include:

? Avid’s next-generation ScriptSync(R) AI, now available as a preview in Media Composer(R) 2023.8. This powerful solution leverages AI speech-to-text technology, enabling editors to easily generate transcripts and automatically align media clips to scripts and transcripts–all from an integrated window inside Media Composer.

? Avid’s new Media Composer PhraseFind(TM) AI, also available as a preview in Media Composer and powered by AI speech-to-text, enables editors to easily search for clips using keywords, supporting automatic detection of 21 languages, with more language support to come.

? Avid will demonstrate several previews of AI innovations across its product portfolio aimed at accelerating productivity and creativity, as well as prototypes and thought leadership from Avid’s Research & Advanced Development (RAD) lab.

Empowering digital-first newsrooms

Avid continues to elevate its comprehensive, scalable and integrated news solution that empowers news teams all across the globe with easy collaboration from anywhere and rapid distribution of their content everywhere. Demonstrations will include:

? Avid’s breakthrough Avid Edit On Demand ‘lens to first edit’ integrations with Sony and Marquis for proxy workflows and high-resolution file transfers, as well Edit On Demand integrations with First Mile and Haivision for content delivery.

? A special preview of Media Composer and Avid NEXIS(R) storage running on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for secure, scalable content creation workflows.

Innovating sound for picture workflows

Avid will demonstrate how it continues to deepen interoperability between the industry’s most powerful creative tools, Pro Tools(R) and Media Composer, enabling customers to streamline their workflows and enhance their collaboration, spending less time on administrative tasks so they have more time to be creative. Avid will also preview new integrations with third-party solutions that bring functional extensions directly into the Pro Tools user interface.

Sharing Avid’s vision for the future of media creation

Avid will host open sessions several times daily on Friday, Saturday and Sunday showcasing the company’s future vision for media production. Sessions include “Fostering Creativity Powered by AI” with Avid’s Chief Architect, Shailendra Mathur; and “Open, Integrated, Powerful: Media Composer Panel SDK” with Avid’s Video Product Evangelist, Michael Krulik.

Avid is committed to sharing the insights that shape its innovation strategy and product introductions, including those showcased at IBC2023. Recently published resources include:

? Future of production in the cloud: Avid CEO Jeff Rosica discusses the company’s viewpoint and progress towards the MovieLabs 2030 Vision principles in a fireside chat with MovieLabs CEO, Rich Berger.

? History of video servers: Avid Product Evangelist Craig Wilson traces Avid’s heritage of innovation in digital video ingest and playout, from the inception of this technology in the early 1990s to its latest breakthrough solution, Avid

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